How To Install Laser Christmas Lights

How To Install Laser Christmas Lights

If you don’t know it by now, laser Christmas lights use high powered LED light or a laser that uses a projects the light though a prism. This way, there are hundreds and even thousands of individual lights reflected.

You may shop for laser lights from many places and you should check the wattage or lumens in order to get an idea of how bright your laser lights are going to be. Just to give you a hint: a 5 watts lights should be twice as bright as a light of 2.5 watts.

Some lights come in solid plastic base, other feature a solid brass fixture. The light is what counts the most though so it’s important that you know how much you’re willing to spend also.

Some useful tips

Only getting some bright or colorful laser lights isn’t enough and you need an area to project the lights on. Think of it like when you’re using a flashlight up into the sky. When you have nothing to reflect on, nobody sees that light. The same thing goes for the laser Christmas lights also: you need a “screen” to actually enjoy the lights. You may use some tress, your house or anything to put under the lights during the jolly season.

Keep in mind that, the further you place the light from that “screen”, the dimmer and more dispersed your light is going to be.

As the laser lights are directional, you do need to use more than just one laser Christmas light. You may have a nice effect from just one angle, and get totally disappointed when you see the “screen” from a different direction.

The main rule when installing Christmas laser lights? The more you have, the nicer the visual effect. You almost never want to go with just one or two laser Christmas lights.

The ambient light is essential when installing Christmas laser lights. It’s not as if you find useful or fun to use a flashlight during the day, in direct sunlight. Therefore, it’s best to have complete darkness when using these fun lights. Keep in mind that you also don’t want the laser lights to be the same color as other ambient light. After all, what’s the point of using them in the first place if you’re not able to see them clearly?

How far you place the lights from the “screen” is also essential and it counts for the brightness and the “spread” of the lights. Therefore, you should keep the laser light within 30 to 40 ft. of the projection source. If you go farther than this, you may lose a lot of the impact.

Have the best look of your Christmas

If you decide to use laser Christmas lights, it’s important how you combine the colors also. Some think that green and blue offer the brightest look for your Christmas, whereas red and light blend a bit more with the ambient lights. Therefore, it’s your call which way to go.

Don’t forget that laser lights may damage your eyes if projected directly into your eyes. It’s best to install projectors where they don’t shine directly into your eyes.

Unless you’re not installing solar-powered laser Christmas lights or battery-powered ones, you do need a power source for your lights so you should also keep that in mind.

Even though you may think it’s a good idea, try not to use trees with sparse or little foliage as scree as they have in fact very little area to project on. Always go with a solid surface: pines, fichus, any other dense trees work better.

If you live in a windy area, you shouldn’t worry much about your laser Christmas lights not looking good. A light wind or any other movement of the branches always gives a nice dance to the lights, but this isn’t something that you can actually control.

You do need to have a clear area between the placement of the lights and the “screen”. You lose the effect when some objects stand in the way and that’s something you don’t want to have.

One last thought

Laser Christmas lights are a great and fun way to decorate your residence every year, whereas installing conventional lights may become quite a struggle. You don’t have to think about uneven ground, about having them stand in your way or breaking too easy. The risk of overheating is minimal and they can make a great difference for the good into your electricity bill and Christmas spending.

The more you’re willing to pay, the more you get: various lighting modes, color combinations, durability and tough build.

Sure enough, they may not take the use for several years and lose some of their color overtime, but the downsides are minor when you see the bigger, nicer picture.